Welcome to Tirana

Tirana is Albania’s busy and prosperous capital located in the center of Albania. It is enclosed by mountains and hills with Mount Dajt rising above it to the east.

Although founded in the 17th century it was not until it was designated as the capital it changed from an unimportant small town into a European capital. Italian influence during this period helped create the huge new square, named after the countries national hero Skanderbeg, and typical wide boulevards. The capital blends this 1920’s Italian architecture with Soviet Bloc cement buildings with the occasional remnant from its Ottoman days. Following the 1992 elections Tirana has also been well known for its brightly painted buildings and apartments.

The religious buildings in Tirana are a wonderful mix of Christian and Muslim places of worship, and there are a number of museums and historic buildings to visit. There is also a growing nightlife scene and Tirana is famous for its all night cafe culture.

If it gets too hot in the summer, the Adriatic sea is an easy drive away…

Attractions in Tirana

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