Petrela Castle

Castle in Tirana

Walk To Petrella Castle Albania
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Klejdi Shtrepi

Castle Petrelë is a castle in Petrelë, central Albania. rich in history, The castle is rich in history with a tower built in the 6th century A.D and the rest of the castle being built by Eastern Roman emperor, Justinian I, the 15th Century. The castle is situated on a rocky hill above the town of Petrela.

The castle has a triangular shape, with two large towers. It was part of the Krujë Castle signalling and defence system. The castles signalled each other with fires. Throughout Skanderbeg’s battle against the Ottomans, Castle Petrelawas controlled by Skanderbeg’s niece, Mamica Kastrioti.

The large wooden structure that can be seen is a restaurant.

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Visiting Petrela Castle



Address: Rruga Petreles, Petrelë, Albania
Duration: 45 minutes

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