Tanners' Bridge

Bridge in Tirana

This incongruous stone bridge dates back to the 1700s and is a fascinating well preserved part of the Ottoman history of Tirana. The bridge gives an impression of how the city went about its business 300 years ago. The bridge, built near the Tanners’ Mosque, was once part of the Saint George Road that linked Tirana with the eastern highlands and was the main route for farmers to take their livestock to the butchery and leather working district. After the Lanë River was redirected in the 1930s, the bridge fell into disrepair but was restored for use by pedestrians in the 1990s.

You can also see the Tanners ‘ Mosque from the bridge, across the river, which was designed by the Tanners ‘ guild in the 1700s.

 It’s at the close of the George Bush Presidential Rr.

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Visiting Tanners' Bridge


Open 24 hours



Address: Bulevardi "Jean D'Arc" Tirana Albania
Duration: 15 minutes

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