Colorful Buildings of Tirana

Notable Building in Tirana

Rainbow Building Tirane
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Sailko

Functional grey concrete buildings dominated the landscape across Tirane during the days of the Communist regime.

When Edi Rama became the mayor of Tirana in 2000 things began to change. Prior to being mayor he was an artist, so with little money to repair the city’s rundown infrastructure, he decided the communist-era apartment buildings needed to be repainted in bright, bold colors. After only few weeks in office he started a campaign for painting. Rama added color throughout the area, spraying his brush across many of Tirana’s old apartment buildings and high rises from the communist era.

One of the famous locations of the new vibrant Tirana is the rainbow building. It is located at Woodrow Wilson Square (Sheshi Ullison), near the Blloku area.

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Visiting Colorful Buildings of Tirana

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