Pyramid of Tirana

Notable Building in Tirana

Piramid Tirana Albania
CC-BY-SA / Diego Delso

An Albanian monument to the Communism that nearly crushed the country is now a crumbling wreck.

The Pyramid despite being a monstrously unattractive building, is one of the most complex and special buildings representing the city of Tirana’s historical, cultural and political discourse.

The Pyramid project was carried out in a total of three years by a group of architects: Pranvera Hoxha (the daughter of Enver Hoxha), Klement Kolaneci, Pirro Vaso and Vladimir Bregu. The main purpose of the building being a Mausoleum and Museum for the Communist Dictator. The building became functional in 1988 and worked as such until 1992 with the Communist regime’s capitulation. The building subsequently underwent several changes in its function.

It was used as a conference hall, and was later used as a humanitarian centre with NATO headquarters in Kosovo around 1999. In 2001, Top Chanel’s headquarters were located there, making it possible to use it at the same time as a nightclub space or to gather political space in the courtyard.

Today, covered in graffiti and surrounded by Tirana’s homeless encampments, its once white marble walls are now crumbling, the government is trying to demolish the site. However, the vote is being challenged by local people who want to preserve the piece of their heritage.

There are plans to revitalize and transform the pyramid into a new multi-functional centre for technology, culture and art. The priject is currently being undertaken by MVRDV.

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Visiting Pyramid of Tirana

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