Dajti Mountain National Park

National Park in Tirana

Dajti Mountain National Park Albania
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Edvini

The National Park of Mount Dajti is located 26 km east of the capital. A narrow asphalted mountain road leads to Dajti Mountain onto an area known as Fusha and Dajtit. This was a summer camp location, but it is now home to many restaurants and radio and TV broadcasters. There’s an excellent view of Tirana and its plain from here which is why this place was named ‘Balcony of Tirana’. 

 The park contains forests and beautiful mountain landscapes with many wild flowers, and wild boars, eurasian wolf, red fox, European hare, brown bears and wildcats.

Brari Mountain to the north is also part of the protected area near the village of Brar, which contains the panoramic canyon of Brari, Brari Ottoman Bridge and a cave.

Hikers can walk to the Tujani peak (1,580 m), the highest point that can be reached on foot. From the peak, the panorama spreads inland and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Bovilla, enclosed between the mountains and the remote Tirana highlands, dominated by the St. Mary Miçek Mountain.

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Visiting Dajti Mountain National Park

Duration: 4 hours

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