Bektashi World Centre

Mosque and Museum in Tirana

Bektachi World Center Albania
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The Bektashi World Centre is a religious complex and is the recognized home of the Bektashi order, in the north-eastern part of Tirana about 1 km from it’s center. It is made up of Teqe, museum and gift shop.

The Teqe is adorned from top to bottom with marbled mosaics in the most breath-taking array of colours and patterns. In the basement  is the museum where the visitor gets to know the 800 years-old history of Bektashee through documents, photos and relics. There is also a small gift shop where visitors can buy various Bektashi-related souvenirs.

The Bektashi Order is a dervish sect that fuses elements of predominantly Shia and Sufi thought into a unique blend of Islamic belief and philosophy.  It was founded during the 13th century in Persia,  present-day Iran, Bektashism then spread to the south of Albania during the long rule of the Ottoman Empire.

It was banned briefly by the Ottoman authorities in 1826,  and again in Turkey in 1925, and its headquarters transferred to Albania. It is one of the four major religions in Albania.

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Visiting Bektashi World Centre


10:00-13:00, 17:00-19:00

Address: Rruga Agush Gjergjevica Tiranë Albania
Duration: 1 hours

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