Mosaic of Tirana

Museum in Tirana

The Tirana Mosaic is thought to have been the remnants of a 3rd century Roman. Some of the ancient Roman mosaics discovered at the site have diverse geometrical patterns and depict poultry and fish. It is referred to by local archeologists as the ‘Villa rustica’ – which would usually refer to a villa set in the open countryside often as the hub of a large agricultural estate or latifundium.

In 1972 the ruins of a 5th and 6th Paleo-Christian Basilica was also discovered.

Today they form the Archaeological Complex of the Mosaic of Tirana. Entrance to the site is free and there is information in both English and Albanian.

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Visiting Mosaic of Tirana


Open 08:00-17:00. Closed Sun.



Address: Rr. Naim Frashëri
Duration: 30 minutes

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