Rruga Murat Toptani

Street in Tirana

Fortress Ff Justinian, Tirana
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Ardit Ajdini

Rruga Murat Toptani is a beautiful walkway between the National Art Gallery and the Parliament Building, a pedestrianized street in the center of Tirana. The street houses Reja (the Cloud), a modern art installation, National Gallery of Arts and the Justinian Fortress Wall.

The name of this popular artery comes from the Toptani family, which held power from the 1700s right up to World War II in Ottoman Albania. In summer when the twin rows of plane trees offer shade from the sun. Along the route you can admire some of the old fortifications of the city, dating back to the time when the Toptanis wrestled with other powerful local families to control Tirana.

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Visiting Rruga Murat Toptani

Duration: 1 hours

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