Postbllok - Checkpoint

Monument in Tirana

Postblloku Tirana Albania
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Kj1595

Postblloku – Checkpoint, is a memorial to Communist Isolation and commemorates the country’s political prisoners who suffered under the communist regime.

It is situated on the main boulevard opposite the government building.
It was conceived as an artistic installation and co-created by former dissident Fatos Lubonja and artist Ardian Isufi. Lubonja had suffered thirteen years in hard labour and another four in solitary confinement, for being critical of Hoxha’s regime.

The monument consists of three main elements: one of the small concrete defensive bunkers that litter the country; several concrete supports from the mine at the notorious Spaç labour camp where thousands of political prisoners suffered between 1968 and 1990; and a brightly painted section of the Berlin Wall from Postdamer Platz.

Spaç labour camp (pronounced spach), was a high-security labor camp located in an isolated canyon in the Mirdita region in north-central part of the Alania. The location of the camp was so remote and its climate so harsh that, although there was barbed-wire fencing, there were no actual perimeter walls were built. The other reason for its location was its proximity to a copper mine, where prisoners could be used as slave labor.

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Address: Bulevardi Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirana
Duration: 10 minutes

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