Preza Castle

Castle in Tirana

Preza Castle, Albania
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Albinfo

Preza Castle is a 15th century Castle ruin. It lies on the hill  northwest of the Preza town, between the plains of Tirana and Durrës in central Albania.

It played a strategically important role for the city, especially in the Middle Ages, since it dominated the road from Durrës to Kruja in the Tirana plain. It acted as a signalling point for the exchanging of visual signals between Kruja Castle, Petrela Castle and Durrës Castle.

It was built by the feudal Thopia family whose properties occupied the land between the rivers Shkumbin and Mat.

The castle would also have sheltered the local villages from raiders. The value of the pentagonal-shaped castle now lies in its intact walls and towers, including a clock tower built in the 1800’s.

From the battlements there are great panoramic views over the plain to Tirana city and the mountain range behind it.

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Visiting Preza Castle

Address: Prezë, Albania
Duration: 1 hours

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