Statue of the Unknown Partisan

Monument in Tirana

Unknown Soldier Tirana Albania
CC BY-SA 3.0 / MirkoS18

The Unknown Partisan or Unknown Soldier Statue is a Tirana war memorial for the troops who died during the Second World War battle against the occupying forces.

The statue appears as a man who has a fist and gun extended, aiming his weapons down the road to the Parliament building. It is built next to the Albanian Parliament and Kapllan Pasha’s tomb. It was built by the Albanian Communists.

The monument is on the site of the Sylejman Pasha Mosque which was built in 1614. The Old Mosque was found by Ottoman Albanian General Pasha Sulejman Bargjini, who also built a hamam and a bakery at the same time in the hope of expanding the city. Most of the mosque was destroyed in the Second World War, and its remains and its minaret which were unfortunately  destroyed in 1967 by Enver Hoxha. The only remnant of the mosque is the Kapllan Pasha’s tomb across the road.

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Visiting Statue of the Unknown Partisan

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