Real Jardín Botánico de Córdoba

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Camino Del Real Jardin Botanico De Cordoba
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The Real Jardín Botánico de Córdoba or Royal Botanical Garden of Córdoba, located on the edge of the Guadalquivir river, in Córdoba, Spain. The gardens were opened in 1987  primarily for educational and scientific use. The gardens are divided into rectangles, with plants ordered according to their phylogenetic characteristics. It contains exclusively Spanish species, with a predominance of low rosemary hedges and Mediterranean hackberry.

The gardens starts off at the arboretum, which imitates a natural forest with a large number of trees and shrubs, and leads past the different greenhouses, the agricultural school, which contains the collections include plants that are useful to man, such as aromatic and medicinal herbs, fruit trees and vegetables, the rose garden, the main gardens and, last but not least, the ‘Molino de la Alegría’ is a palaeobotanical museum containing some of the gardens’ 15,000 plant fossils. which give us considerable insight into the different plant species which have existed throughout history.

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Visiting Real Jardín Botánico de Córdoba

Duration: 20 minutes

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