Plaza de las Tendillas

Square in Córdoba

Plaza De Las Tendillas

The Plaza de las Tendillas or Tendillas Square is a square in the Historic quarter of Cordoba, in Spain. It is located between Cordoba’s historic quarter and the modern business and financial district. The square is a large pedestrian area with a number of restaurants and cafés for you to relax in. There are also benches to sit under the tree or on the wall of the large fountain in the middle of the square. Its water jets and fountain makes it even more enjoyable in Andalusia hot weather!

What to see at Plaza de las Tendillas

Statue of the Great Captain

Dominating the plaza is the 1927 equestrian sculpture in bronze, with the exception of the head, carved in white marble, which is a monument to the Great Captain – a Spanish military leader renowned for his exploits in southern Italy.

Tendillas Clock

There is also the Tendillas Clock which has been striking the quarters since 1961. The clock has the peculiarity that, instead of ringing the bells, it plays the rooms and hours with the sound of a guitar built by Manuel Reyes Maldonado. The square is the venue on new years eve when revelers listen to the chimes of the New Year.

Christmas Markets

Tendillas Square regularly hosts popular events, such as the famous Christmas Market.

Colomera Palace

At one end of the enclosure stands out the Casa Colomera, an old four-storey house made in 1928 for the counts of Colomera . It is considered as a modernist symbiosis between a manor house on the first two floors with the second floor being two floors. It is currently the Palacio Colomera hotel.

Building of La Unión y el Fénix

The building of La Unión y el Fénix was built between 1926 and 1927 and was ​​the work of the architect Benjamín Gutiérrez Prieto. In the Civil War, it housed one of the sirens that warned the population of the arrival of bombings.

What to do near Plaza de las Tendillas

The immediate vicinity are Cruz Conde and Jesús María streets – which are two of Cordoba’s favorite shopping streets with most major stores and brands being represented.

The ancient Roman Temple is found only 200 meters east of the square.

History of the Plaza de las Tendillas

It is one of the oldest squares of Cordova with records of it from the fifteenth century. at that time it was a small square in which stood a small hospital and a convent, the Commendation of Calatrava.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the square, which remained smaller than it is currently, was used as a market. Its name Tendillas Square comes from this time period as it translates as square of the small stores.

In 1908 the formation process of the current Plaza de las Tendillas began, widening from east to west of the plaza. In 1923, the Hotel Suizo or Hotel Swiss was demolished, run by the Swiss Puzzini brothers, and in 1925 the works were completed under the mayor’s office of José Cruz Conde and plans by the architect Félix Hernández , although not all the buildings Surroundings were finished.

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