Torre de Belén de Córdoba

City Walls and Tower in Córdoba

Torre De Belen Cordoba, Espana
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Américo Toledano

The Torre de Belén or Bethlehem Toweris a 12th-century Almohad defensive tower of the old city walls located in the San Basilio neighbourhood of Córdoba, Spain.

The tower is square-shaped, the sides measuring built of limestone ashlar blocks. It is accessed through two doors at right angles to each other. The outer door to the north has a pointed horseshoe arch while the inner door to the east leads into the ground floor which was once converted into a chapel.

As a result, the building was also known as Torre de las Imágines or Tower of the Pictures or Torre de San Benito or Saint Benedict’s Tower. There are two upper floors in the tower, each with hemispherical vaulting. From the first floor, the city walls can be accessed through rounded arches to the north and south. The three rounded arches in the eastern wall once housed the chapel bells.

The tower underwent restoration work in 2000 which also included the chapel and the altarpiece.

You cannot normally enter the tower.

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Visiting Torre de Belén de Córdoba


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Address: Belem Tower Calle Martín de Roa, 2 14004 Córdoba Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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