Pabellón Sur de Generalife

Historic Building in Granada

South Pavilion Generallife
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The Pabellón Sur de Generalife or South Pavillion of the Generalife is a building within the Generalife in the Alhambra Complex, in Granada, Spain. The South pavilion flanks one of the short sides of the Patio de la Acequia or Court of the Canal, also known as Patio de la Ría. During the Nasrid period this was the harem or the living quarters of the Sultans family and offers pleasant views of the gardens and he watercourse below.

What does the Pabellón Sur de Generalife look like?

The southern pavilion is next to the main entrance of the patio. There are seven archways in the southern pavilion and you would have entered through the one on the south side.  The four outer arches, one large and one small. From here you can go down to the lower courtyards and up to the upper rooms. The four outer arches rest on brick pillars, and the center three have two columns with cubic capitals.

The Upper Floors of the Pabellón Sur de Generalife

The construction of the upper floor is attributed to Yusuf III.  This pavilion’s highest floor comprises of a hall at the top where there is a large chambers with side rooms. There is also a mirador that overlooks the Patio de la Acequia.  The upper part of the pavilion has another three-centred arch located above the lower triple arch and housed a bell used as a ring-bell during the Christian period.

What did the Pabellón Sur de Generalife look like?

This pavilion has been changed over time originally the portico had a single arch and now there are three.  The viewing point is currently open but in the time of the Arabs it was rather a small tower with three arches. By the end of the 19th century there were no remains of the stairs leading to the upper floor and a new floor was built in one room located at one end of the pavilion.

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Visiting Pabellón Sur de Generalife


For opening times of the Pabellón Sur de Generalife in Generalife see Alhambra Opening Times.


The Pabellón Sur de Generalife is part of the Generalife of the Alhambra Complex and access it you need to purchase Alhambra Tickets or a Alhambra Guided Tour.

Duration: 10 minutes

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