Casa de los Amigos

Historic Building in Granada

Casa De Los Amigos, Alhambra
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The Casa de los Amigos or House of Friends are the remains of a house in the Generalife in the Alhambra Complex, in Granada, Spain. The Casa de los Amigos was the residence for friends and close relatives of the sultan and separated from the Palace of the Generalife but close enough that the guests could have an audience with the sultan.

What does the Casa de los Amigos look like?

The Casa de los Amigos is spread around two patios on different levels, which is similar to the Nasrid houses of the Alhambra. The entrance is found at the southern wall, from a rising cobbled street that, furthermore, linked the hamman alley with the orchards of the Generalife. The house was formed around a square patio with stables and warehouses on the west side of the building

Where does Casa de los Amigos get its name?

The “Book of Agriculture” or Kitab al-Filaha  was written in 1282 – 1349, which establishes the way in which the a gentleman’s house should have a residence for guests or a “Casa de los Amigos”. It stated “in the lower part a room will be built for guests and friends, with an independent door, and a small shelter hidden by trees from the gaze of those above”.

How old is the Casa de los Amigos?

The most widely accepted dating of the Casa de los Amigos relates at least to the Nasrid period. Some historians believe it comes from the earlier Almohad period of the 13th century. It is thought that it underwent structural  modifications from the end of the 15th and during the 16th centuries.

How do I get to the Casa de los Amigos?

Leaving the Jardines Altos by the Póstigo de los Carneros, we will see the remains of a building known as Casa de los Amigos south of the El Generalife compound.

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Visiting Casa de los Amigos

Duration: 20 minutes

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