Puerta del Bosque

City Gate in Granada

Puerta Del Bosque, Alhambra
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The Puerta del Bosque is or the Gate of the Forest is a gate to the in the Alhambra Complex, in Granada, Spain. It is located on the wall that closes the Bosque de San Pedro, on the left side of the Darro river, above the ruins of Carmen del Granaillo and the Aqueduct of Santa Ana.

This door allowed access between the Forest to the Puerta de las Armas, from the upper area of ​​the current Paseo de los Tristes. In addition, in this forest we find one of the secret passageways (actually a stair tunnel) that reaches the vicinity of the base of the wall, near the Torres del Peinador de la Reina and the Torre de las Damas  (Palacio del Partal ), where possibly it would connect with a secret staircase that descends from the lower part of the Tower of the Queen’s Comber.

How to view the Puerta del Bosque

To see the Puerta del Bosque you must ascend the Cuesta de los Chinos, which is one of the pedestrian access points used to enter the Alhambra Complex.

History of the Puerta del Bosque

After the reconquest this Gate was made and a large part of the wall was rebuilt. Subsequently and according to different canvases (David Robers watercolor, 1831) much of the wall was practically destroyed, and different restoration works were carried out during the 20th century by Leopoldo Torres Balbás, 1935.

Like many of the new constructions of the time, it is made of Sierra Elvira stone, featuring two Pilaster pillows similar to those used in the Puerta de las Granadas and in the Palacio de Carlos V.

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Visiting Puerta del Bosque

Duration: 5 minutes

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