Mirador de Daraxa

Viewing Point in Granada

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The Mirador de Daraxa or Daraxa’s Mirador is a viewpoint in the Palacio de los Leones. The Palacio de los Leones is one of the palaces that make up the Palacio Nazaríes in the Alhambra Complex, in Granada, Spain.

The History of the Mirador de Daraxa

The viewpoint was built, like the Court of the Lions, during the reign of Muhammed V. During the Nasrid reign it served as a watchtower overlooking the countryside, with a garden extending from its base as it was built before the Habitaciones de Carlos V.

What does the Mirador de Daraxa look like?

The inside of the mirador is a rectangular little room 15 feet by 10 feet, with two lateral arches and a double arch at the entrance looking at Jardín de Daraxa or Daraxa’s Courtyard. The gardens once looked out over the valley but were enclosed with the building of the Habitaciones de Carlos V or the Emperor’s Chambers. Above the big windows there are pointed arches of mocarabes, which are sometimes referred to as honeycomb or stalactite vaulting, and there are poems and inscriptions praising God and Mohammed V. The double-arched window and the side windows, are situated in a low position from where a person sitting on the floor can admire the countryside.

Around the window is written a poem. There is a poem among the inscriptions that decorate the jambs of the entrance arch. The dado is made with black, white and yellow tiles, which is especially beautiful because of the fineness and skill that were needed to make it. The ceiling consists of a wooden trough with colored glass. The floor is also made of tiles, although it is in very bad condition.

Where does the Mirador de Daraxa get its name?

The name in Spanish of the lookout is derived from “Ayn Dar Aisa”, which is Arabic for “the eyes of Aisa’s house.” This was translated to the Mirador de Lindaraja. Mirador de Daraxa is a derivative of this. Mirador means viewpoint in Spanish.

How do you get to the Mirador de Daraxa?

From the Sala de los Ajimeces you enter into Mirador de Daraxa through a big pointed arch of mocarabes.

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Visiting Mirador de Daraxa


For opening times of the Mirador de Daraxa see Alhambra Opening Times.


The Mirador de Daraxa is part of the Alhambra Complex and access it you need to purchase Alhambra Tickets or a Alhambra Guided Tour.

Address: Mirador de Daraxa Alhambra 18009 Granada Spain
Duration: 5 minutes

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