Portugal Travel Guide

Algave Portugal
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Portugal occupies the western Iberian peninsula at the south-western tip of Europe. It is bordered to its north and east by Spain which makes up the rest of the peninsula. To the south and the west is the Atlantic Ocean. The Azores and the Madeira Islands form part of, metropolitan Portugal.

Portugal is divided in two by its main river, the Tagus, which flows from Spain and empties into the Atlantic by Lisbon. North of this the land is mountainous with several plateaus indented by river valleys. To the south lie rolling plains of the Algarve and the Alentejo regions.

Portugal features contrasting landscapes that include, long beaches, lush vineyards, verdant valleys, and rolling hills combined with a land rich history and culture, well preserved medieval castles, bustling cities, and gastronomy and wines are considered among the best in Europe.

Tours and Activities from Portugal