Welcome to Coimbra

Dubbed as the most romantic city in Portugal, Coimbra served as the inspiration for the renowned song “April in Portugal”. Situated on the weather-beaten right bank of the muddy Mondego River, this medieval city is home to numerous churches and also serves as the hub of education in the country. Its university was first founded by Dinis I in Lisbon in 1290, but was relocated back and forth between Coimbra and Lisbon before finally settling in Coimbra for good in 1537. Many of the country’s leaders, including the dictator Dr. António Salazar from 1932 to 1968, received their education here.

Coimbra is at its liveliest during the academic year, with a vibrant youthful spirit emanating from the city. Bustling cafeterias, boisterous bars, and various events such as crew races all contribute to the city’s exuberance. You can easily spot the students as they don black capes and carry briefcases adorned with colored ribbons indicating their respective schools (yellow signifies medicine, for instance).

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