Viana do Castelo City Guide

Viana do Castelo, situated amidst an estuary of the Lima River and rolling hills, is a charming city in northern Portugal that is renowned for its traditional character. Despite being a significant hub for deep-sea fishing, as well as housing industries such as pyrotechnics, wood manufacturing, ceramics, and boat building (which have experienced a resurgence after years of decline), the city has managed to maintain its old-world ambiance. Its streets are quaint and narrow, adorned with Manueline-style manors, and occasionally, one can spot an ox cart with wooden wheels clattering along the cobbled lanes.

Viana do Castelo is famous for its local pottery and handicrafts, but it is most well-known for its regional festivals. The annual Festa de Nossa Senhora de Agonia (Festival of Our Lady of Agony), held in late August, is the most prominent of these events. During this festival, women dress up in vibrant regional attire, including bold hues of orange, scarlet, and Prussian blue, paired with layers of golden necklaces featuring heart- and cross-shaped pendants.

11 Best things to See in Viana do Castelo

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