Plaza Larga

Market and Square in Granada

Plaza Larga, Albaicin Granada
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Plaza Larga or Long Square, is a vibrant Plaza in the Albaicín quarter in Granada, Andaulsia. The square is characterized by its attractive cobblestone paving which holds the vegetable and fruit market every morning. aza Larga also has a growing culinary culture with many restaurants and cafés serving delicious tapas with original Arabic touches. Several of the restaurants use its space as an outdoor restaurant during the warmer months of the year.

Which day to Visit the Plaza Larga?

A market is held every day until 2pm although it comes into its own on Saturday mornings and is the best time to visit this plaza for the chance to explore the city’s flower market. The streets glow with pink, blue and white colors with stalls selling the most exotic flowers and turning the city into a festival of colors.

Which streets to visit around the Plaza Larga

Every morning the dwellers of the Albaicin buy their fresh fish and groceries in the busy stores of the Calle de Panaderos – “Bakers Street” – which leads from Plaza Larga to the Colegiata church.

The Calle del Agua – “Water Street” – is so named because, in Moorish times, water was piped underneath to a public bath which stood there. With its pebbled steps and flowering balconies, it is one of the most charming pedestrian streets in the city.

Tours in and around the Plaza Larga in Granada

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A Quick history of the Plaza Larga?

The Plaza Larga was, in principle, an esplanade that was outside the Alcazaba, which was accessed through the Nueva or al-Ziyada gate. This name was also given to the Plaza.
Albaicín nerve center at all times, called Almajura in Hispanic-Muslim times. You can still see the wall that separated the Albaicín neighborhood from the Alcazaba Cadima neighborhood, where the Arco de las Pesas opens, so called because it contained the weights seized from merchants because they were defective. It dates from the 11th century.

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Visiting Plaza Larga


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Address: Plaza Larga, Albaicin, Granada
Duration: 20 minutes

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