Albacara Walls

City Walls in Ronda 

The Albacara Walls were Moorish Walls which formed part of the defensive structure of Ronda in Spain.

The Albacara Walls are located in the mouth of Ronda Gorge roughly half way up the gorge. The wall ends with a shear drop to the gorge bottom and protects a slop that leads right up to the gorge top lip.

They spanned the space between the Puerta Del Viento or the Wind Gate and the Puerta de los Molinos or Gate of the Mills where the hill side was not as steep.

The walls would provide an area into which cattle could be driven if the town suspected an attack. There were also several very important flour & oil mills were located in the mouth of the gorge behind the wall.  It also restricted entry into the gorge the location of the towns water supply. In Moorish times the valley below Ronda was a major wheat growing area, and at least 5 or 6 mills were located along the river to grind the wheat.

Together with another wall they formed the Poniente Walls which means West Walls.

Where does the name of the Albacara Walls come from?

The word ‘Albacara’ comes from the Arabic word ‘bab al baqqara’ meaning the cattle door.

How to access the Albacara Walls

There is a footpath up to the Plaza de Maria Auxiliadora in the old towns.

Best views of the Albacara Walls

The best views of the Albacara Walls are from the Parador Hotel terrace walks the Paseo de Ernest Hemingway and Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi, the Puente Nuevo, and the Don Bosco gardens.


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Other names of Albacara Walls

The Albacara Walls has the following names: Albacara Walls, Poniente Walls, West Walls.

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Visiting Albacara Walls


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