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Gardens, Museum and Palace in Ronda 

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The Palacio de Mondragon or Mondragón Palace, also known as the Marqués de Villasierra Palace, is a Mudejar-Renaissance building located in the old town of Ronda, Spain. The Palace currently also holds the Municipal Museum of Ronda.

What you will see at Palacio de Mondragon

The realatively small palace has retained its colonnaded internal Mudéjar courtyard, from where a horseshoe arch leads to the clifftop garden. Within the palace you will see Mudejar ceilings, doors, windows, ceramic tile, pillars, mosaics and balconies overlooking the courtyard.

The water gardens with their fountains overlook the gorge, are exceptionally beautiful and offer a real island of tranquility.

Thesit on the very edge of the town cliffs, and often host outdoor sculpture shows. It is also very popular for weddings of any (or no) denomination.  and a permanent display of local natural historyl.

The Museum at Palacio de Mondragon

The upper floor of the palace houses the town museum, which is somewhat faded displaying artifacts and information spanning several millennia of Andalusian history.It does have examples of Roman and Moorish tombs. English translations are provided but are sometimes cryptic!

History of the Palacio de Mondragon

In contrast to the Casa del Rey Moro, the Palacio de Mondragón has a is actually Moorish. The Palacio de Mondragon was built originally in 1314 to be the palace of the Moorish ruler Abomelik, son of the king of Morocco. King Abomelik was also thought to be responsible for the construction of the water mine at the Casa del Rey Moro.

The palace was later used a the primary residence for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.

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Other names of Palacio de Mondragon

The Palacio de Mondragon has the following names: Palacio de Mondragon,Mondragón Palace, Marqués de Villasierra Palace.

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Visiting Palacio de Mondragon


10am-7pm Mon-Fri, to 3pm Sat & Sun Apr-Sep, shorter hours Oct-Mar



Address: Plaza Mondragón, s/n, 29400 Ronda, Málaga, Spain
Duration: 45 minutes

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