Puerta de los Molinos

City Gate in Ronda 

Arco Del Cristo, Ronda
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The Puerta de los Molinos or Gate of the Mills is one of the ancient entrances through the city walls into Ronda.

After the reconquest by the Christians the gate was renamed the Arco del Cristo or Arch of Christ because the Christians built a small shrine into the stonework.  It is located to the west of Ronda, towards the bottom of the gorge.

Together with the Puerta del Viento or Door of the Wind they protected the access road to the mills.

They provide a great viewing spot to photograph the Puente Nuevo. There are also viewing places like Mirador del Viento further up the valley which allow you to enjoy the views of the hillside that envelops Ronda, from the smooth hills to the cultivated fields.

It protected a small stone paved road that gave access to the mills and which runs sheltered by the wall. There were  fourteen Moorish watermills which are fed from a single canal situated at the other side of the Puente del Tajo and that were active until mid-19th Century. The mills are scattered around the northwest corner of the town, sheltered on the left side of the pit, next to the Guadalevín River.

Today it forms part of a pleasant path that, from the foot of the New Bridge, descends the left side of the river, following the old canal that supplied water to the sugar mill.

Best views of the Puerta de los Molinos

The best views of the Puerta de los Molinos are from the Parador Hotel terrace walks the Paseo de Ernest Hemingway and Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi, the Puente Nuevo, and the Don Bosco gardens.

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Visiting Puerta de los Molinos


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Address: Arco del Cristo. Murallas de Albacara y Molinos del Tajo, Ronda (Rincón Singular) 6 Plaza de María Auxiliadora 29400 Ronda Málaga, Spain
Duration: 30 minutes

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