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48 Hours in Ronda

Mirador De Aldehuela

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Ronda is without a doubt, one of the most amazing hidden gems in Andalucia. It is a small yet charming historic hilltop city, home to the spectacular Puente Nuevo, an iconic stone bridge, and an old and new part of town covered in cobblestone streets.

48 hours in Ronda will enable you to take in all it has to offer, from the dramatic El Tajo gorge to one of Spain’s most historic and beautiful bullrings.

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El Tajo De Ronda 3
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Pedro J Pacheco

Start at the Alameda del Tajo by the Bullring and walk along the Paseos.

When you get to the square with the statue of a bull – Monumento al Toro. You should pop in the Tourist office and pick up a map.

There are are plenty of places to stop and admire the view over the valley, one of the most spectacular is the Mirador de Ronda. Walk under the parador hotel on the Paseo de Ernest Hemingway and get ready for your first view of the Puente Nuevo!

The dizzying, 120-metre-high Puente Nuevo or New Bridge was finished in 1793 and spans the El Tajo gorge that divides Ronda in two. If you are not scared of heights look straight down through the iron grilles set into the stone. There is a small museum underneath the bridge, in what used to be a prison cell.

Walk across the bridge and check out the view from the observation terrace on your left. You can see opposite your next destination the hanging gardens of Cuenca.

Location: Puente Nuevo Calle Armiñán, s/n 29400 Ronda Málaga Spain | Hours: Monday to Friday: 10 am – 7 pm Saturday, Sunday and Festive: 10 am – 3 pm | Price: €2 | Website
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Jardines de Cuenca

Jardines De Cuenca, Ronda 3

Cross the bridge back into the New Town, and turn right onto Calle Rosario. Turn right again onto Calle Los Remedios, then take the next right again into a narrow alley which you will be glad takes you to the Jardines de Cuenca. These gardens afford views of both all the three bridges, from different angles and heights as well as the House of the Moorish King opposite which you will be seeing later!  Walk down the 23 terraces of rose gardens.

Hopefully you are here around mid-day, when the walls of the gorge are more evenly illuminated, allowing better photos.

Location: Jardines De Cuenca, Calle Escolleras, 1 29400 Ronda Málaga Spain | Hours: 8am-7pm | Price: N/A
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Puente Viejo

View Of Puente Romano And Arab Baths

You should reach the Puente Viejo or  Old Bridge (16th century) and cross it into the Old Town. As you cross the bridge you will have geed views of the Puente Árabe or Arab Bridge and and beyond that the Baños Árabes or Arab Baths.

Aas you cross the bridge you will will be heading down the steps on your left. Before you do  look up to the iconic Arco de Felipe V.

Head on down the Arab Bridge and the 13th and 14th Baños Árabes which are well worth visiting.

Location: Puente Viejo Calle Real, 2 29400 Ronda Málaga Spain | Hours: 24 Hours | Price: Free
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Explore the old city of Ronda

Casa Del Rey Moro Water Gate
© Casa del Rey Moro

Depending on how tired you are you you can either head back up to the House of the Moorish King or as you are heading to the old bridge turn left up the steps to see more of the Murallas de Levante.

The steps will lead you to the Puerte de la Cijara. Head through the gates and bear right through the old city, you will end up on Calle Armiñán, turn right and should come to a square with the San Sebastian Minaret, which is the remains of a mosque in Ronda, walk past it onto Calle Marqués de Salvatierra. You will also pass the Palacio de Salvatierra, with its incredible facade.

Follow signs for the Palacio Del Rey or House of the Moorish King. It was not actually the Home of a Moorish king but the water mine it houses is from that period, and is worth investigating. This was the original water source for the Moorish town, and it was powered by Christian slaves! The grounds also have great views of the gorge.

Location: La Casa del Rey Moro, Calle Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 9 29400 Ronda Málaga Spain | Hours: 10am-9.30pm May-Sep, to 8pm Oct-Apr | Price: €6 | Website
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Visit a Palace!

Courtyard, Palacio De Mondragon, Ronda
Flickr / Elliott Brown

The  Mondragón Palace perches on top of the El Tajo Gorge and has great views to the north towards the Sierra de las Nieves. Although little remains of the original Moorish palace, it may once have been the home of the 14th-century Moorish King Abomelic, who built the underground Water Mine at the Casa del Rey Moro.

The small Museum of Ronda on the second floor showcases local history and archaeology – going right back to prehistory – alongside a display dedicated to Megalithic and Moorish tombstones and burial traditions.

Location: Plaza Mondragón, s/n, 29400 Ronda, Málaga, Spain | Hours: 10am-7pm Mon-Fri, to 3pm Sat & Sun Apr-Sep, shorter hours Oct-Mar | Price: €3.50
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Walk to the Bottom of El Trajo at sunset.

View Of Ronda Spain
Flickr / Jose Ramirez

Head towards Plaza de María Auxiliadora and you will find some steps in the corner to head down the gorge.

The first stop down the El Tajo gorge is Mirador Puente Nuevo de Ronda. This provides great views, although you are standing on the edge of a cliff with a distinct lack of a barrier!

You can head further down, at Mirador el Viento, near the Puerta Del Viento, or even lower, at Arco del Cristo. The lowest view point is called Ronda Bridge View Point and it’s directly next to a  field of olive trees.

You can also drive down to the Ronda Bridge View Point if you feel your legs are not up to it!

Location: Arco del Cristo. Murallas de Albacara y Molinos del Tajo, Ronda (Rincón Singular) 6 Plaza de María Auxiliadora 29400 Ronda Málaga, Spain | Hours: 24 Hour | Price: Free
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Explore the Roman Ruins of Acinipo

Roman Ruins Of Acinipo, Ronda
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Jose Rodríguez Cordón

Sometimes Ronda can get a little crowded with tourists so travel up into the mountains 20km north-west of Ronda, and if you’re early enough, you can have an entire Roman town to yourself. The drive up is also stunning with vineyard and fields of sunflowers.

Great amphitheater, and Roman baths, there are also the most stunning view in andalucia.

Location: Ruins of Acinipo MA-449, s/n 29400 Ronda Málaga Spain | Hours: Monday: Closed Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00 to 17.00 Sunday: 09.00 to 14.00 Entrance: Free
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Cool off and have a swim at the Cueva del Gato!

Cueva Del Gato, Ronda 5
CC BY-SA 4.0 / El Pantera

You have earned a little dip to cool off from the Andalusian summer heat.  An emerald blue freshwater pool is located at the opening of the Cave of the Cat.

Cueva del Gato is a naturally formed limestone cavern and a freshwater pool, located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.

Location: Cueva del Gato, MA-7401 Km 3 Carretera de Benaoján a 29370 Ronda Málaga Spain | Hours: 24 Hour | Price: Free
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Ronda Spain Bullfighting Traditions

Ronda Bullring

Ronda has one of the oldest bullrings in all of Spain. Bullfighting was founded in 1765, and of course, it plays a huge part in the history of Andalusia.  So, I would advise giving it a visit on your last afternoon.

Although bullfighting is very controversial nowadays, its interesting to learn and understand the history and custom of the sport. The bullring itself is beautiful and feels grand and important, and there is only one bull fight a year, so you probably wont have to avoid watching a fight!

Location: Plaza de Toros de Ronda, 15 Calle Virgen de la Paz, Ronda, Spain, | Hours: Mo-Sun: 10 am – 8 pm Free entrance (for EU citizens): Monday (8 am – 10 am), Tuesday and Wednesday (9 am – 10 am) | Price: €8 (€9.50 with audioguide | Website
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