Museo Lara

Museum in Ronda 

The Museo Lara or Lara Museum is a museum located in the old part of Ronda, Spain. It is located in the Palace of the Count of the Conquest of the Batanes Islands.

Museo Lara is a private museum showcasing the collections of one man, the founder of the museum, Juan Antonio Lara Jury.

It represents the first private occupancy of majestic museum of Spain. World communication, Arts, Archaeology, Sciences and popular Arts , join together offering an ample and varied journey about our past.

What to see in the Museo Lara

The museum has two main exhibits:

  • Witchcraft Exhibition – Consisting of unusual objects and fantastic creatures.
  • The exhibition of the Spanish / Holy Inquisition – Which consists of characters and objects of torture from the Holy Inquisition.

You will also see a variety of:

  • Clocks (18th century)
  • Weapons 17th century)
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Archaeology
  • Wine cellars (18th century)
  • Collection of knives and catapults
  • Art of bullfighting (Tauromachy)
  • History of cinema and photography

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Other names of Museo Lara

The Museo Lara has the following names: Palace of the Count of the Conquest of the Batanes Islands.

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Visiting Museo Lara


11:00 20 00 hours (June to October)

11:00 to 19:00 (from November to May)


4 €

Address: Museo Lara Calle Armiñán, 29 29400 Ronda Málaga Spain
Telephone: +34 952 871 263
Duration: 45 minutes

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