Santa Margherita Ligure Castle

Castle in Santa Margherita Ligure

Castello Santa Margherita Ligure
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The Santa Margherita Ligure fortress, situated at the base of a hill upon which the Villa Durazzo-Centurione now stands, was constructed in response to a resolution by the Senate of the Republic of Genoa in the year 1550. Its primary purpose was to safeguard against the threat of raids launched by Barbary pirates. This defensive structure was designed by Antonio de Càrabo, who was also responsible for the creation of the Castello di Rapallo.

Commencing in 1550, construction of the fortress swiftly progressed and was completed by September of the same year. Over the course of the early seventeenth century, numerous structural enhancements and armament improvements were undertaken. Subsequently, as the threat of pirate attacks waned in the eighteenth century, the fortress lost its strategic importance and only minor repair and upkeep efforts were conducted.

In the nineteenth century, there were two instances when plans were considered to dismantle the fortress. Initially, this was to make room for a new municipal building following the establishment of Rapallo as an independent municipality. Later, there was a proposal to enlarge the adjacent Calata Vittorio Emanuele. However, after World War I, the fortress underwent restoration and was dedicated to the memory of those who had fallen in the war. This adaptive history underscores the fortress’s evolution from a military stronghold to a symbol of remembrance and preservation.

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Visiting Santa Margherita Ligure Castle

Address: Santa Margherita Ligure Castle, Salita al Castello, Santa Margherita Ligure, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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