Portofino City Guide

Located to the south of the Italian city of Genoa, Portofino stands out as one of the most captivating destinations to explore in Northern Italy. Despite its relatively small size, it exudes an entirely picturesque and charming atmosphere. There are numerous excellent activities to engage in while in Portofino, all along the coastline.

Our fondness for traveling in Italy is undeniable, and Portofino is unquestionably a jewel that should not be overlooked. It proves to be an ideal location for a day trip within Italy, or even for a slightly extended stay if you’re traversing the northern coastline and mountains. In the latter case, you’ll have the opportunity to include other noteworthy places such as Lake Como, Cinque Terre, and cities like Milan.

It’s worth mentioning that Portofino can be notably pricier compared to other Italian destinations. Nevertheless, it’s possible to manage expenses (while still enjoying pleasant weather) by visiting during late spring or early autumn. This choice allows you to benefit from reduced demand for accommodations and tours, thus helping to keep costs at a more reasonable level.

4 Best things to See in Portofino

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Tours and Activities from Portofino