Civic Maritime Museum Gio Bono Ferrari

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Civic Maritime Museum Gio Bono Ferrari
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The Gio Bono Ferrari Maritime Museum in Camogli holds a precious collection that encapsulates the maritime heritage of the town. Treasured by the locals, this museum offers a glimpse into Camogli’s rich maritime traditions through an assortment of artifacts.

Within its walls, visitors can marvel at paintings, photographs, models, and documents generously contributed by Camogliesi families. These objects provide a glimpse into the historical era when Camogli’s residents owned sailing ships, a period spanning from the Napoleonic wars to the First World War.

What distinguishes this museum is the personalized touch it offers. Captions and descriptions not only tell the tales of maritime endeavors but also include surnames and nicknames of the people of Camogli. These details provide a vivid connection to the town’s history, making the museum an evocative space dedicated to preserving the memory of a maritime tradition that spans centuries. It’s a testament to the strong bond that the inhabitants of Camogli have with their heritage, and a place that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the unique maritime culture of the region.

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Visiting Civic Maritime Museum Gio Bono Ferrari


Tuesday to Sunday: 9am to 12am



Address: Civic Maritime Museum Gio Bono Ferrari, Via Gio Bono Ferrari, 42, 16032 Camogli, GE, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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