Roman Theatre

Ruins in Cádiz

On the seaward edge of the Barrio del Populo is Cadiz’ Roman Theater.  Although the ruins can be seen from the Av. Campo del Sur the entrance is actually through a narrow door on Calle Mesón, 11-13.

The Carthage Empire occupied Gadir (present day Cádiz) beginning in 500 BC until 206 BC when they were defeated by the Roman Republic in the Second Punic War (218 – 201 BC).

In 49 BC, Julius Caesar renamed the city Gades and granted it municipal status. In around 70BC, Lucius Cornelius Balbus, the Elder – a rich Roman who was born in Cadiz,  and Caesar’s personal secretary, together With His nephew, Balbus “the Younger” decided to expand the urban perimeter of Gades and to build the new city or Neapolis. In this area was an amphitheater capable of seating an audience of 20,000. The Roman Theater was abandoned in the 4th century and later buried beneath the foundations 13th century fortress which was referred to in sources at that time as the “Castle of the Theater”.  The ruins were discovered in 1980 and are still being excavated.

The excavation has revealed a horseshoe auditorium and parabolic tiered seating. There is also an interesting museum about the history and architecture of the Roman theater.


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Other names of Roman Theatre

The Roman Theatre has the following names: Teatro Romano.

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Visiting Roman Theatre



Address: Calle Mesón, 11-13, 11005 Cádiz, Spain
Telephone: +34 677 982 945
Duration: 45 minutes

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