Church of San Giovanni Battista

Church in Riomaggiore

Church Of San Giovanni Battista Riomaggiore
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Dominating the elevated portion of the village, the church of San Giovanni Battista is heralded by an expansive paved square, its northern flank abutting against the hillside.

The temple holds significance attributed to two prominent historical junctures. Firstly, in 1340, the construction was initiated by the directive of Antonio Fieschi, Bishop of Luni, during the inception of his vicariate—an inscription on a plaque adorning the church’s right side serves as a testament to this milestone. Subsequently, in 1870, the edifice underwent extensive renovation, culminating in the installation of a neo-Gothic façade.

The original architectural blueprint is attributed to the Antelami Masters, hailing from Lombardy. Their legacy shines through particularly in the Carrara marble rose window, positioned with distinction on the building’s right side. This aspect showcases single lancet windows and dual Gothic doorways, each preceded by concise staircases and crowned by lunettes adorned with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motifs. The neo-Gothic aesthetic, however, results from the nineteenth-century revitalization, during which the façade was reconstructed. This restoration also involved the relocation of the original rose window and the extension of the church by an additional span.

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Visiting Church of San Giovanni Battista

Address: Church of San Giovanni Battista of Riomaggiore, Via Pecunia, Riomaggiore, SP, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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