Bastion of Manarola

Castle in Manarola

Manarola Bastion
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Elisavans

During the medieval era, the entirety of the Ligurian coastline was vulnerable to the threat of pirate raids, and Manarola was certainly not exempt from these challenges. In response to these incursions, a sea-facing castle was erected, a location now occupied by the iconic pastel-coloured houses that define the town’s aesthetic. Although the castle itself has vanished entirely, a distinctive bastion endures as a visible relic among the houses, likely predating the 13th century.

The historical legacy of a defensive fortification is also retained within the village’s toponymy. This bastion, now serving as a private residence, is fitted with an access door located on Via del Baluardo. In the 18th century, a cartographic depiction by Matteo Vinzoni accurately portrayed the fortified structure, further highlighting its historical significance.

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Visiting Bastion of Manarola

Duration: 20 minutes

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