San Lorenzo Manarola

Church in Manarola

San Lorenzo Manarola
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The parish church known as the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is commonly addressed as the church of San Lorenzo, the town’s patron saint, whose celebration takes place every 10th of August. Erected in 1338, a fact commemorated by a plaque on the right side of the facade, the church represents an exemplar of Ligurian Gothic style, realized by the skilled Antelami Masters.

Adorned with an ogival arch, the facade features a portal and a lunette that hosts a bas-relief depicting the Martyrdom of San Lorenzo. The Carrara marble rose window, crafted in 1375, boasts twelve small columns with intricately adorned foliated capitals, and an outer crown embellished with human and lion visages. This masterpiece is attributed to the same artisans behind the rose window of San Pietro in Corniglia, Matteo and Pietro da Campilio. The 14th-century bell tower, having a square layout, stands separated from the church. Formerly an ancient watchtower, it was subsequently heightened and transformed.

The interior, designed in the style of a basilica with three naves, reveals a Baroque character featuring a barrel vault. Nevertheless, a restoration undertaken in the late 20th century succeeded in partially reviving the original Gothic elements. Upon entry, a baptismal font is positioned on the left, flanked by an antique marble measure bearing the emblem of the Republic of Genoa and the inscription “Comunitas Manarolae.” Within the window aisle, a captivating Renaissance tabernacle from the 15th century is on display, while a 15th-century crucifix graces the apsidal wall of the central nave.

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Visiting San Lorenzo Manarola

Address: Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Via Rocca, Manarola, SP, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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