Church of San Pietro

Church in Corniglia

Corniglia, Chiesa Di San Pietro
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Situated in the elevated section of Corniglia, the parish church of San Pietro holds its presence. Fronted by a churchyard adorned with vestiges of polychrome cobblestones, its establishment was commissioned by the Fieschi family. A plaque on the facade, inscribed with the year 1334, marks the initiation of the edifice’s construction. This endeavor encompassed the assimilation of a pre-existing small chapel on the northern flank. The façade, marked by prominent features and corner pilasters accentuated by petite arches, was finalised in 1351 using indigenous stone, under the deft hands of master craftsmen Matteo and Pietro di Campiglio. These artisans also sculpted the intricate marble figures adorning the lunette.

Within the interior, characterized by a basilica layout comprising three naves, traces of Baroque influences are evident. The space is graced by a Baroque barrel vault, and it retains a baptismal font hailing from the 12th century. Positioned at the terminus of the right aisle, an altar showcases a polyptych. A noteworthy addition in 2016 is the seventeenth-century artwork “Madonna del Rosario” by Corniglia artist Prospero Luxardi, now positioned adjacent to the right altar dedicated to the same. This expansive oil painting on canvas comprises eighteen panels portraying Rosary mysteries and a Judgment scene.

Completing the aesthetic realm, two windows are the creation of the skilled artisan Trento Longaretti from Bergamo.

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Visiting Church of San Pietro

Address: Chiesa Di San Pietro, Via Fieschi, Corniglia, SP, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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