Riomaggiore City Guide

The Via dell’Amore is a pathway that links Riomaggiore to its frazione, Manarola, which is also a part of the Cinque Terre.

Riomaggiore, situated in a small valley within the Liguria region of Italy, serves as the southernmost village among the five Cinque Terre when traveling north from La Spezia. Dating back to the early thirteenth century, this village is renowned for its historical charm and the wine produced from its vineyards. Riomaggiore belongs to the Riviera di Levante region and boasts a shoreline along the Gulf of Genoa in the Mediterranean. The village features a small beach and a quay adorned with tower houses. The main thoroughfare of Riomaggiore is Via Colombo, where visitors can discover an array of restaurants, bars, and shops.

Riomaggiore, along with the other Cinque Terre villages, is connected by trails and has been designated as national parks due to its scenic waterfront and mountainside. The picturesque beauty of Riomaggiore has served as inspiration for paintings by Telemaco Signorini (1835–1901), a notable artist belonging to the Macchiaioli group.

5 Best things to See in Riomaggiore

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