La Spezia City Guide

La Spezia, positioned in the far-eastern reaches of Liguria, stands as the region’s largest and most densely populated city. However, its allure lies not only in its intrinsic attractions but also in its proximity to the splendid villages adorning the enchanting Gulf of Poets.

Often, La Spezia merely brushes against the bustling tide of tourists drawn by the illustrious charms of destinations like the Cinque Terre, Lerici, and Porto Venere. Yet, venturing into the heart of La Spezia can yield delightful surprises, thanks to its captivating museums, vibrant city center, and breathtaking vistas that unveil the expansive Gulf, framed against the majestic backdrop of the Apuan Alps.

Embarking on a multi-day sojourn in La Spezia while using it as a base for exploring the surroundings can prove to be a brilliant notion. This approach allows one to fully appreciate the beauty of this Ligurian stretch, while also keeping expenses in check. The city offers an array of affordable lodging options, including budget-friendly hotels and apartments, which facilitates an economical exploration of the region’s attractions.

11 Best things to See in La Spezia

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