Church in Alsfeld

Alsfeld Walpurgiskirche
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Oliver Abels (SBT)

Municipal main church with a complicated building history, which is reflected both in the interior design and in the exterior structure. The oldest existed in the form of a small 3-apse basilica, proven by the uncovering of the foundations in 1971/72. In the late 13th century, an early Gothic basilica with a stretched but low chancel and west tower was built around this. In the late Gothic period from 1993 the choir was rebuilt in an extended and significantly higher form. The planned new building of the nave did not come about, rather the existing basilica was redesigned in 1472 and later by raising and widening the side aisles and breaking out high arcades into a kind of hall church. After the early Gothic tower collapsed in 1394, it was rebuilt, only completed in 1542 with an octagon storey and a Renaissance hood, and again shortened by one storey in 1836. Until 1921 the watchman lived here. Today traditional cradling of the Christ child and May bubbles. Interior features: Romanesque baptismal font, late Gothic frescoes, carved altar, choir stalls, Baroque epitaphs and late Gothic Crucifixion group.

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Visiting Walpurgiskirche

Address: Walpurgiskirche (Stadtkirche) - Evangelische-luth. Kirchengemeinde Alsfeld, Kirchplatz, Alsfeld, Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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