Alsfeld Town Hall

Historic Building in Alsfeld

Alsfeld Town Hall
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Tilman2007

The Town Hall was constructed in medieval, Rähmbau style timber framing between 1512 and 1516. This is one of the most important German half-timbered town hall buildings. Erected over a late Gothic stone substructure, this building with its attractive woodwork, bent chevron bracing and protruding moulded beam-ends, is an outstanding example of a “Rähmbau” (frame construction). The ground storey, built of stone, was once a market hall. The “Alsfeld cubit” can still be seen on the left corner. On the first floor the offices of the Mayor and Magistrate are situated. Since 1633 the councilmen have had their coats of arms on display. On the second floor, interesting old doors lead into the meeting room and the Registry Office (formerly the Court Room). Michael Finck, the local artist and carpenter, designed and crafted the magnificent Renaissance door in 1604. Curt Oberman forged the decorative hinges. It is next to the market place in the center of the Altstadt.

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Visiting Alsfeld Town Hall

Duration: 10 minutes

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