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Dijon Tour Philippe Le Bon
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The Philip the Good Tower, a distinguished landmark in Dijon, stands at an impressive height of 46 meters (about 150 feet). This tower is not only a marvel of medieval architecture but also a testament to the historical and architectural heritage of the region.

Constructed between 1450 and 1460, the tower was commissioned by Philip the Good, one of the prominent Valois Dukes of the medieval era. It was built as part of the Ducal Palace, reflecting Dijon’s illustrious past under the governance of the Valois Dukes.

Designed by Jean Poncelet, a skilled architect from Lyon, the tower’s architectural plans were crafted to complement the grandeur of the Ducal residence while symbolizing the power and authority of its commissioner. Poncelet’s design ensures that the tower not only integrates seamlessly with the palace architecture but also stands out as an emblem of regal prominence.

Visitors who climb to the summit of the Philip the Good Tower are rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of Dijon. From this vantage point, one can see the town’s quaint streets, historic landmarks, and the beautiful surrounding countryside. The view from the tower offers a unique perspective over the town, allowing visitors to fully appreciate Dijon’s charm, its rich history, and its cultural significance, making it a memorable highlight of any visit to the region.

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Address: Tour Philippe le Bon, Place des Ducs de Bourgogne, Dijon, France
Duration: 45 minutes

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