Maison Millière

Historic Building in Dijon

Maison Millière - Dijon
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The Millière house, a Gothic-style half-timbered house from the 15th century, is located at 10 rue de la Chouette in Dijon, Côte-d’Or. It has been recognized as a historic monument since 1943.

History of Maison Millière

Constructed in 1483, the Millière house was built by Guillaume Millière, a draper merchant, and his wife Guillemette Durand. It is situated in the historic center of Dijon, adjacent to the apse of the Notre-Dame de Dijon church and not far from the palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. The 17th century saw the construction of the Vogüé hotel right next to the house. In 1998, the building underwent restoration and was transformed into a boutique. This boutique now sells handicrafts and local products and includes a tea room and a restaurant specializing in Burgundian cuisine, managed by Lydia and Jean-François Lieutet.

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Visiting Maison Millière

Address: Maison Millière - Restaurant Boutique Bar à vin et Salon de thé, Rue de la Chouette, Dijon, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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