Place de la Liberation (Liberation Square)

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Dijon - Place De La Liberation
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Liberation Square is a pivotal element in the historic heart of Dijon, featuring a distinctive semicircular design and dominated by the impressive Grand Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. This square has seen numerous name changes and transformations over the centuries, each reflecting the shifting events and eras it has endured.

Completed in 1686, it was originally known as Royal Square, a nod to its association with the monarchy. This name was short-lived, as the French Revolution led to the demolition of a statue of Louis XIV and the renaming of the square to Place d’Armes. The square’s name continued to change with the political currents: it was called Imperial Square during the rise of the French Empire in 1804, reverted to Royal Place with the Restoration in 1814, and again became Place d’Armes during the July Monarchy in 1831.

World War II brought further changes when Dijon fell under German occupation, and the square was renamed Marshal Pétain Square after the controversial French leader. The liberation of Dijon in 1944 marked a significant turn, prompting the square’s current name, Place de la Liberation, in celebration of the city’s freedom.

A major renovation in 2005-2006 revitalized Liberation Square, enhancing both its beauty and functionality. The introduction of three new fountains and the use of local Comblanchien limestone for paving improved its aesthetic, while vehicle restrictions transformed it into a pedestrian zone. These changes have solidified the square’s status as a central gathering place and a lively hub of public life in Dijon.

Today, Liberation Square remains a vibrant locale, bustling with activity from locals and tourists alike. Surrounded by open-air cafes, it invites visitors to relax and enjoy the dynamic atmosphere and picturesque environment.

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Visiting Place de la Liberation (Liberation Square)


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Address: Place de la Libération, Dijon, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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