Église Notre-Dame de Dijon

Church in Dijon

Eglise Notre Dame Dijon

The Church of Notre-Dame of Dijon stands as an impressive testament to 13th-century Gothic architecture, having begun its construction around 1230. Over the years, it has grown to become an emblematic cultural and historical landmark for the city of Dijon. Notably, the church houses the revered statue of Notre-Dame de Bon-Espoir, once known as the Black Madonna, which draws numerous visitors and devotees.

One of the church’s most charming features is the jacquemart, a mechanical figure that strikes the hours on a bell, adding a unique element to the building’s façade. Another beloved symbol associated with the church and the city is the owl, often considered a mascot of Dijon.

Recognizing its significant architectural and historical value, the Church of Notre-Dame was designated a Monument Historique in 1840. Additional recognitions were given to parts of the church such as the chapel of the Assumption, the sacristy, and the connecting gallery, which were listed as Monuments Historiques in 2002, underscoring their exceptional architectural and artistic merits.

The architectural layout of the church is a classic Latin cross, characterized by its central space supported by cylindrical columns, creating a striking series of six lofty arcades. Above these arcades is the triforium, which serves as the base for the third level, a light-filled gallery featuring tall windows that enhance the sanctity and brightness of the interior.

The church’s transept is particularly noteworthy for its five lancet windows set above a sturdy base, leading up to an intricate rose window. At the intersection of the transept is a lantern tower, adorned with a triforium that boasts eight windows. Completing the church’s architectural splendour are two apsidioles, strategically placed at each corner between the transept arms and the choir, adding depth and complexity to the overall structure.

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Visiting Église Notre-Dame de Dijon


Open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Sundays from 9 a.m.

Address: Église Notre-Dame, Place Notre Dame, Dijon, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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