Plaza Maimónides

Square and Statue in Córdoba

Moses Ben Maimon, Cordoba
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Jerzy Kociatkiewicz

Plaza Maimónides is a plaza or square located in the middle of the Jewish Quarter, in Córdoba, Andalucia.

It owes its name to the statue  of the Arab philosopher Maimonides who was born and lived in Córdoba in the 12th century. He was a famous and culturally influential in the thriving Medieval Cordoba. Moshe ben Maimon, was his name in Hebrew, but he became known as “Maimónides”, not only was he an important philosopher and astronomer he was also the most prolific and influential Torah scholars and physician of the middle ages.  After Cordoba was conquered by the Almohads (Berber dynasty) in 1148 Maimodes moved about present day Andalucia for the next ten years, residing in Fez (Morococ) before settling in Fustat (Egypt) in 1168. He died in Egypt in 1204. and was burried in Tiberas ( Galilee, Isreal).

The square Plaza de Maimónides, is next to that of Cardenal Salazar, and contains, on one of its corners, the Museo Taurino de Córdoba.

Other names of Plaza Maimónides

Before the statue of Maimonides was erected the square was known as the Plaza de Teberiades. Its other name is Plaza de las Bulas, because of the house of the same name, which became a museum in 1954.

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Visiting Plaza Maimónides


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Address: Plaza Maimónides, Córdoba, Spain
Duration: 5 minutes

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