Poste Place Grangier

Historic Building in Dijon

Hôtel Des Postes De Dijon
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Chabe01

The Hôtel des Postes de Dijon, now known as Postes Grangier, is an architectural complex with elements inspired by the Louis XVI style, located at multiple addresses around Place Grangier in Dijon.

History of Poste Place Grangier

Originally called “la grande Poste,” this building was designed by Louis Perreau, a prominent architect in early 20th-century Dijon. It was constructed starting in 1907 on a site that had been previously occupied by the demolished Château de Dijon. The Hôtel des Postes officially opened its doors on October 24, 1909. Initially, it featured a metal turret that housed a telephone exchange and a telegraph office. In 1927, the building was expanded in an Art Deco style by architects Charles Danne and Gilles Delavault, the regional architect for the PTT.

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Visiting Poste Place Grangier

Address: Postes et Télécommunications, Place Grangier, Dijon, France
Duration: 5 minutes

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