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Dijon - Parc Darcy
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Darcy Garden is a splendid public garden in Dijon that exemplifies the neo-Renaissance style, celebrating the ingenuity of Henry Darcy, a celebrated hydraulic engineer. Designated as a listed historical monument in 2015, the garden is not only a tribute to Darcy’s legacy but also a marvel of landscape architecture.

The garden, designed by Félix Vionnois in 1880, occupies the site of Darcy’s original water reservoir, blending natural beauty with historical engineering achievements. Covering expansive grounds, the garden features an array of trees and flowers, meticulously designed balustraded terraces, serene ponds, elegant fountains, and captivating waterfalls. It also includes play areas for children, making it an ideal spot for family outings.

At the heart of the garden stands a monument with a bust of Henry Darcy, designed by architect Emile Sagot. An inscription on the monument acknowledges Darcy’s significant contributions as the chief engineer of the Department, praising his expertise and dedication in initiating and overseeing the works.

One of the garden’s prominent features is the white bear statue at its entrance, which is of great symbolic value to Dijon. This statue, a reproduction crafted in 1937 by Henry Martinet, honors the original White Bear sculpture by François Pompon, a noted Burgundian sculptor. While the original sculpture is housed in the Musée d’Orsay, the replica in Darcy Garden stands as an iconic symbol cherished by the city.

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Visiting Jardin Darcy (Darcy Garden), Dijon


7.30am until dusk

Address: Jardin Darcy, Place Darcy, Dijon, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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