Casa Andalusí

Historic Building and Museum in Córdoba

Patio Casa Andalusi
CC BY-SA 42.0 / Miguel Luke

Casa Andalusí or House of Andalucia is a house-museum in Cordoba, Spain. It is located in the Jewish Quarter  next to the Synagogue, and opened in 1997. The house serves to give visitors a glimpse into how Andalusian homes would have looked in the 12th century. The house is a mix of Andalusian and eastern styles.

What to see in the Casa Andalusí

The house is is a beautiful place, filled with charm, that transports visitors to the times when the Moors ruled Cordoba. There is a cool courtyard which allows visitors to escape from the heat of the day, a listen to the pleasant sound of water from its fountain and see the greenery of the plants. Patios were, and still are an integral feature of many Andalucían homes.

The moment you enter the patio of Casa Andalusí you are greeted with that ever-calming sound of running water from the small fountain which was artfully laced with yellow roses on the day I visited. It’s funny how even the presence of water, even if not physically felt, provides the placebo feeling of coolness in a city which is so incredibly hot in the summer months.

Inside it has a variety of exhibits, relating to Córdoba’s medieval Muslim culture, as well as a Roman mosaic in the cellar, and a shop selling North African items.

It is also home to the Museo del Papel or the Paper Museum, an interesting look at the manufacturing process of paper during the Cordoba Caliphate.

Which Tours include a visit to Casa Andalusí?

There are quite a few different tours around Cordoba. The following includes a visit to Casa Andalusí.

Where is Casa Andalusí located?

As it is situated in a the Jewish Quarter it is surrounded by typical narrow white alleys which made the walk all the more pleasant. The entrance is well indicated with a sign hanging above the giant door.

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Visiting Casa Andalusí


10.30am-7.30pm Apr-Oct, 10am-7pm Nov-Mar



Address: Calle Judíos, 12, 14004 Córdoba, Spain
Telephone: +34 957 290 642
Duration: 40 minutes

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