Hospital del Cardenal Salazar

Historic Building in Córdoba

Hospital Del Cardenal Salazar
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The Hospital del Cardenal Salazar or Cardinal Salazar hospital was a general hospital located in Córdoba, Andalusia in Spain. It is located in the heart of the “Judería” or Jewish Quarter.

It was founded in 1704 by Cardinal Pedro de Salazar Gutiérrez de Toledo, Bishop of Cordoba to use as college the children of the choir, but by request of the city, it was decided to turn it into a hospital. Since then its been a school for poor children to a hospital for the terminally ill, and nowadays it houses the Philosophy and Arts Faculty of the University of Cordoba.

The building was designed by Juan Antonio Camacho de Saavedra. It has great architectural beauty, with an impressive Baroque façade with columns with Doric capitals flanking the arched entrance.  The floor plan is almost rectangular with different halls distributed around two central courtyards with arches, the biggest of which has a wonderful marble fountain. The main staircase leads to the second floor. The long corridors have small windows on which, to this day, the names and dates of the patients of the former hospital can still be seen scratched on the glass. The Saint Bartholomew Chapel, a fine example of Gothic-Mudejar architecture, is in another part of the same building.


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Visiting Hospital del Cardenal Salazar

Address: Hospital del Cardenal Salazar Plaza Cardenal Salazar, 6 14003 Córdoba Spain
Telephone: +34 957 21 87 87
Duration: 10 minutes

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