Palazzata a Mare, Portovenere

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Palazzata A Mare, Portovenere
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The Palazzata a Mare in Portovenere is a captivating stretch of ancient tower-houses painted in soft pastel shades, gracefully lining the coastline. This architectural ensemble forms a distinctive barrier between the labyrinthine alleys of the town and the expansive sea beyond.

Though resembling the traditional tower-houses commonly found along the Ligurian Riviera, the tower-houses in Portovenere hold a unique characteristic. They appear to cling to the rocky landscape, perched halfway between the sea level and the rugged rock formations. This dual nature of their construction, with one foot in the water and the other anchored to the stone, adds to their enchanting allure.

Gazing upon the Palazzata a Mare from various vantage points offers a chance to appreciate the harmonious blend of these tower-houses with their picturesque surroundings. However, one of the best spots to fully experience the charm of the Palazzata and capture its beauty in photographs is the pier. This pier is accessible from the Aldo Moro promenade and provides an ideal viewpoint for soaking in the mesmerizing scene of these coastal tower-houses against the backdrop of the sea.

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Visiting Palazzata a Mare, Portovenere

Duration: 20 minutes

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